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The Community Teams event is an opportunity for people to benefit from mutual support. Teams can be family, social, work-place, sporting group or a combination of all of the above. Click HERE for a list of teams that have 10 or more paid entrants. If you would like your team added to this list, simply get your team to 10 or more paid entrants and provide us with a single logo and website link. We'll do the rest.

Individuals who are a part of a team are still eligible for all prizes and awards in the event that they have entered.

Creating a community team is a simple process. It can even be done without making an entry for yourself. To create a team, follow these steps:

    1 - Go to the entry page on the website (,
    2 - Click the "Enter" button,
    3 - Enter basic details and click "Continue",
    4 - Click the "Create a community Team" button,
    5 - Fill in the details and you're done,
    6 - You will receive an email after you enter your basic details and then another email when the team is created.

Community Team Rules:

The winning team will be the one which secures the most aggregate distance from successful finishers. To encourage smaller teams there will also be a random draw for a second prize from all of the non-winning teams (minimum of three finishers). The full rules are detailed below:

  • The “Community Teams” event is a completion based award.  It is to encourage participation rather than fast times.
  • The winner of the “Community Teams” event will be the team with the highest aggregate distance covered by its members as follows:
    • Entrants that complete the 5km event will be allocated 5 points for the team,
    • Entrants that complete the 10km event will be allocated 10 points for the team,
    • Entrants that complete the Half Marathon event will be allocated 21.1 points for the team,
    • Entrants that complete the Marathon event will be allocated 42.195 points for the team,
    • Entrants that complete the 2km event (primary children only) will be allocated 2 points for the team, but only if they have a parent or carer entered into a longer event.
    • Parents / carers that accompany their children in the 2km event do NOT earn Community Team points.
  • Notes regarding entry:
    • A “Team coordinator ” must be noted in the participants entry,
    • The “Team coordinator” will be responsible for distribution of race bibs (if bulk entry),
    • Existing entrants may not join a team after Thursday 19 February 2014,
    • Only event participants noting team entry details prior to the event will be allocated to the team (eg no team member requests after the event),
    • Individuals who choose to enter multiple events may have results from multiple events included in the Community Team points (scheduling does make it possible for an entrant to run more than one event),
    • To add yourself as a team member after you have entered, please click the edit details link in your registration email.
      • You will be taken to your online entry details. Click "continue" on the first page,
      • then the "Edit details" tab, and
      • then the "edit" button next to your entry.
      • Now you can select a community team from the drop down list.
  • Prizes:
    • The winning prize will be a buffet dinner for 75 guests at the Town and Country Tavern restaurant in Wangaratta. Additional guests up to 200 in total can be added at just $15 per head. The dinner buffet is usually $29.90 and features a range of great dishes. Plus we can ask Chef to modify the dinner to some degree to cater for specific team needs.
    • If the team is predominantly based a considerable distance from Wangaratta then the team prize will be $500 cash to contribute toward a team function if preferred.
    • The “Team Captain” is responsible for determining the guest list,
    • The “Team Captain” is responsible for providing final attendance numbers three days in advance of the function.
    • Event organisers will not establish criteria for the determining of attendees and take no responsibility for the manner in which the “Team Captain” determines the invitation list.
    • There will be a second prize awarded to a team other than the winning team at a value of about $200. To be in the draw the team must have a minimum of three finishers.
      • Every finisher not in the winning team will be given one entry into the random draw for second place (regardless of event distance).
      • The second prize will remain a mystery!
  • For further details contact us.
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